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Event Code of Conduct

Post by Jerrick Sunrunner » Wed Jan 03, 2018 7:07 pm

Event Code of Conduct

All Rebel Legion members are expected to have read the Rebel Legion Code of Conduct and Charter. It will be assumed by the Base Command Team that you have read this, and “not being aware, or not knowing” is not a defence for any actions contravening this.

The Code of conduct can be found here.

What is expected from costumers and crew at each event
At any event that we are invited we represent not only Rebel Legion Elstree Base, or just the Rebel Legion but the entire Star Wars Franchise, Lucasfilm and Disney.

Pre-troop checks
Please ensure that you are reasonably certain you can attend the event before you sign up for it. We always need to confirm attendance numbers in advance of an event with the host organiser.

-Ensure that your costume is well looked after and maintained.
-Costume malfunctions do happen If things are prone to drop off then bring a repair kit along. Be prepared.
-Where possible – all costumes should be clean and well presented, ironed and not looking like they’ve been pulled out a carrier bag unless the character you’re portraying has!
If you cant machine wash your costume due to weathering etc give it a good Febreeze a day or so before the event.

-Know where and how you’re getting to event venue and what time.
-Check the weather ahead of time
-Bring extra refreshments, snacks as needed – Additional fluid on hot days etc.

Troop Expectation\ Conduct
When you sign to the troop the Event Co-ordinator assumes that you have:
-Read the Code of Conduct on the Rebel Legion Forum
-Will arrive on time and in a professional manner
-Know who to ask for at the venue, and who is running the event for the Rebel Legion.
-Be aware of new members and make a point of making sure they feel welcome and included.
-Will be courteous and polite to event staff, they may not be all fully briefed on our attendance.
-Will know that other costume groups may have been invited either by us or the organiser.
-Will play fairly and co-operate with other clubs and their members – should there be a costume clash it will be expected that you share the role and come to agreement without fuss and hassle. If it comes to it, be the bigger person.
-No smoking, vaping in costume, ideally members should limit their cigarette breaks to the minimum, kids don’t want to have their photos with Rebels smelling of ash trays!
-Will be ready in costume at the time requested.
-Will be present for any and ALL health and safety briefings regardless of how many times you have done the event.
-Mobile phones are to stay hidden, given to a spotter or left in the changing room.
-Not to engage in shopping in costume.
-Unless part of your costume all jewlery is required to be removed or hidden from sight.
-Unelss you in a universe relationship, please refrain from holding hands, petting, making out, or any other romance whilst in costume, or crewing.
-Stay with groups and be aware of your fellow costumers.
-Any breaks that are taken are a sensible duration based on the climate and how “busy” the event is, we’re here to costume not to drink tea and coffee ;-)
-Rebels don’t arrest members of the public.
-Rebels don’t execute members of the public or other costumers.
- No wearing sunglasses unless they are for a medical condition and you have made the EC aware beforehand
-No lightsaber duelling with the public or members whilst in public.
-Learn to ‘pick your targets’, not everyone wants to be photographed.
-Keep the banter with other members and clubs clean and “PC” whilst out in costume. Ideally in-universe.
Changing room banter can be a little more risqué but pick your targets and don’t get personal.
-Refrain from taking any photos in the changing room.
-If trooping at another clubs event (where we have been invited) follow their rules and regulations.
-Be respectful to other clubs event organisers and do as instructed
-Have fun, for gods sake have fun!

How to sign-up
Navigate to the event you wish to sign-up for and please reply to the thread with your Name, Days Attending (if the event spans more than one day) and costume\role.
All members need to sign-up themselves personally, we cannot allow one member to ask for multiple members to sign-up in one post. Unless prior permission is sought.
This ensures the member has read the event description and understands what is required of them.
It will be up to the Event Coordinator if they choose to decline adding members to the list that are in breech of this.

Roll of the Crew members

'Crew' are traditionally the 'helpers' role which is to be on hand to help members into costume, and be around as an extra pair of hands to ensure things run smoothly.
Although we portay mostly open faced characters which means members are often able to manage/crew themselves, crew are a valued part of any event and should be respected for the support role that they play. 

Crew at events are strictly members of the club who are not in costume, or as a member of the Crew User Group.
Crew need to be over the age of 18.

 We do not operate 'part time' crew or expect crew to wander off and not remain part of the RL event activities that they are attending. 

It is expected that all crew members are:
- physically fit- crewing can involve a lot of walking and standing around. 
-Will at all times wear RL merchandise to identify themselves (RL t shirt, clothing, badges, or high vis jackets). No other clubs merchandise/shirts/ materials will be permitted to be displayed. A generic Star Wars shirt is acceptable. 
-Will be on hand for all Rebel Legion costumers primarily as well as other Star Wars costuming clubs that we are trooping with, or have been invited to an event by.

The role of a crew member is to:

-Ensure the safety of the costumer in public.
-Ensure that the public is aware of the costumer and thus their safety.
-To aid in the smooth running of an event.
-Ensure that any costume malfunctions are dealt with

Crew are NOT security and should not assume this role, they are event support.
Should an incident of a serious nature occur, then this should be referred to the RL event contact on the day, who will advise an appropriate course of action and speak to the event organiser should this be necessary to decide what course of action to take. In a worst case scenario this may include the removal of members from the event or the event ending before due time. 

The role has always been one of ensuring the safety of the individuals trooping, ensuring that obstacles are pointed out, and making sure that they can get from A to B, whilst making sure that B is devoid of trouble. 

Crew should try and ensure all costumers are kept together when walking to and from the changing area to the trooping area.
Try to keep the group moving without stopping for photographs as this can cause bottlenecks, esp in public places.
If a member of the public want photographs en route, politely suggest they follow the group to the end point and take a photo there. 

Crew will either be assigned to particular costume/s or the group/s as a whole where needed. Crew will help keep the members to schedules (lunch breaks, locations, etc).
Unless for medical or other reasons Crew members will be separated from their endorsing RL member.

Some crew may be asked to work in other areas, such as the event table areas or the photostand, or with another group that we are trooping with.
Some crew may be asked to take event pictures on the day, however, this should not interfere with their crew duties. 

Rebel Legion Disclaimer for Members Personal Property while attending events 

Fellow members, please read the following policy which is effective immediately ; 

The Rebel Legion UK (RLUK) cannot be held responsible for items of value (ie: car keys, wallets, phones, props, costumed equipment, etc) brought to an event which is organised by the group. For events not organised by the group, please refer to the event organisers own liability policy. 

Changing Areas 

While every effort is made to obtain a secure changing area, it is the costumer’s responsibility to secure their own valuables. You may wish to hand any items to a member of crew or other costumed member who may be able to look after them, but this is done at your own risk. If a member of crew of costumed member takes on the task of looking after your property, he/she does so with your full consent and they are not held liable for any mishaps that might arise due to unforeseen circumstances. 

Props or items of value that are brought to events 

Cost or losses incurred to costumed characters due to damages to their costumes or props through malicious or accidental damage, other than every day wear & tear, must be met by the hiring organiser who will be held liable to the extent permitted by law. Individual members should take this up with the event organisers independently of the club. The club will not get involved with independent claims for damages.

Jedi Training and demo duels
*Will likely change depending upon PLI policy*

Members can offer instructional Jedi Training under strict rules, these are purely demonstrative. In aspects of the Force and mindfulness and the Lightsaber discipline.
WE CANNOT offer any dueling of any sort between ourselves and the public or between the public. We should not be showing the public\children how to swing a lightsaber in any manor.
At this point in time the Base Command team prohibits members holding jedi training unless they have their own specific Public Libility Insurance in place and have a script agreed and approved by the base team.

Demo dueling can only take place with prior approval of the event organizer in a controlled environment. Members taken part will do so at their own risk and will also require a public liability insurance policy specifically covering lightsaber dueling.

The Base Team and event coordinators have the ability to ban members from taken out Lightsabers or other melee weapons that they are using in a dangerous manner. Failure to do may result in the member being remove from the event.

Guest Costumes and Base Level Clearances

Temporary Base level clearances maybe granted for costumes for non-Lucasfilm official events. This will be at the discretion of the Base Commanding Officer and in agreement with the Base Membership Officer, Event Co-Ordinator and if needs be the Base Detachment Commander.
The costume will need to be submitted prior to the request, and the BCO\BMO will confirm that the submission is in the queue and is valid.
Base level clearance will be granted based on the assumption that no major part or component of the costume is missing, and that the costume is of good quality and has not been rushed to submission.
Base level clearance is on a troop by troop basis only and if Rebel Legion Costume Judges return with a verdict that stipulates modifications to the costume then the clearance may be rescinded.
Whilst hard to do, we would always prefer a member miss a troop and ensure their costume is as good as it can be and isn’t rushed rather than racing to get it submitted prior to an event.

Non Star Wars Costumes, or those outside of the Rebel Legions definition of a ‘good guy costume’ are not permissible at Rebel Legion events.
If a member has cleared costume with either the 501st or Mandalorian Mercs and wishes to wear that costume at a RL event then request the event co-ordinator to extend the event invite appropriately
If either clubs, decline, or in other way feel the event is not suitable then we will abide by their wishes.

Galactic Academy troopers: 

We have a few members whose children are enrolled in the Galactic Academy. RLUK have no problem with GA children attending our events as long as the following are adhered to: 

a) the event organiser is OK with it 
b) the parent is responsible for their childs' behaviour and well-being 
c) if we're at a troop at the invite of another group, then it's not up to us as to whether they can bring their child. If the host group say no, or the event is unsuitable, then they can't 
d) the parent/child know what is expected of them and that they are there to troop 
e) as RL is an adult costume group, then parents should expect adult language and banter behind the scenes (obviously not grossly indecent!). If you do not want your child to be around such an environment, then you should consider either not bringing your child or not using the same changing room. Whilst members will probably watch what they say if youngsters are around, they are not expected to mind their p's and q's all of the time 

If an event is listed up and it isn't clear whether GA children can attend, please drop the Event Co-ordinator a PM to get clarification. If the event organiser is fine with it, we'll let you know and we'll also add a statement saying "GA friendly" to the sign-up info. 

Any queries, please PM the relevant Event Co-ordinator. 
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Re: Event Code of Conduct

Post by Jerrick Sunrunner » Mon Jan 22, 2018 6:56 pm

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Elstree Base Commanding Officer (BCO)
1138th Krayt Squadron Co
London & South East Events Coordinator
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